Technology and culture ielts essay

There is no contradicting of the point that, owing to modern machinery many traditional skills have been lost like; weaving and pottery making. Thirdly, as regards modern transportation, a trip to a foreign country becomes easily. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your knowledge or experience.

In the past students had to rely on a teacher or physical books for their education and these were often either unavailable or in a format that most people did not want, but now we can pick and choose what we want to learn.

Secondly, modern technological equipment and expertise helped to restore many long lost cultures. A double question The first point to note about the question is that there are in fact 2 questions. It cannot be imagined how the world would be without Internet. They are much attracted towards video games rather than ancient games.

In this era of globalisation, people prefer to live in modern apartments. People in all over the world share the same information. Making your answer coherent I have two suggestions to make the essay coherent.

Firstly, almost every family has their private TV. For example, if every member of a family had their own computer screen and smart phone, they might speak less and less often to one another and simply look at a screen.

There are a number of possibilities here, just a few are: We can preserve our traditions which reflect our origins and roots but at the same time manage to develop our country with full utilisation of technology as it could be used to reinstate traditions.

IELTS computer technology essay

I partially disagree with the rubric above and it'll be shown in the following essay. It is true that technology is one of the reasons behind the abrupt destruction of our traditional culture.

My personal belief is that this presents a variety of dangers. As we move into the twenty-first century, it is clear to see that we have become more and more dependent on computers and information technology.

Jobs that required lots of energy and time can now be done at the touch of a button. I wrote the essay below with the help of some of my students. They move toward the creation of a single world culture.

What is your view? This development has both pros and cons, which is still arguable. Apart from this, the numbers of traditional performances organised have also been reduced due to the invention of idiot box which always broadcast a variety of TV shows and serials, making less importance to the traditional performance.

Cooperation between people in different countries was much more difficult when communication was limited to written letters or telegrams.

If you take this second approach, be sure to write a complete paragraph for your conclusion, or the examiner may think you have not answered the question fully.

Modern Technology Essays

The other is to write 2 topic paragraphs about how computers will be used in the future and then use the conclusion paragraph to answer the second question. Therefore, people are widely accepting cultures, fashions and trends of other countries and sometimes forgetting their own cultures.

Due to the internet, rapid communication facility, improved transportation facility, TV, satellite channels etc.Essays On Culture – dominicgaudious.netlogy survey research proposal Essays On Culture order philosophy paper doctoral dissertation assistance IELTS Globalisation Essays written by students practicing for IELTS Writing Task 2 Model Essay Below is an example of a band score 9 IELTS writing task 2 model essay.

part of a society as well. IELTS computer technology essay with lesson on coherence and essay vocabulary exercise. IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay: You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Modern technology is creating a single world culture. Since the mid s, the modern technology has had a revolutionary hit on culture and commerce, including electronic emails, blogs, shopping site, chatting video and social nerwork,etc.

People all the world have witnessed such a rapid access and exchange of information.

Agree or Disagree Sample Essay- Technology

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay: You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. It is inevitable that as technology develops so traditional cultures must be lost. Technology and tradition are incompatible - you cannot have both together.

IELTS Writing Task 2: 'traditions and technology' essay.


The Amazon rainforest people have kept their traditional culture without access to technology, and African farmers have to a large extent picked and chosen technology to enhance their standard of living, but purposelynot changed the endearing characteristics of their traditional life.

Technology and culture ielts essay
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