Pest analysis of hewlett packard

Product safety is also part of these legislations Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia, As a result, the business experiences losses and is unable to compete successfully in this lucrative market with companies like Samsung and Apple.

Moreover, both home and private businesses are granted the authority for decentralized decision-making. Moreover, they matter in terms of economic and cultural stability. The company faces intense competition from rivals like Acers, Apple, Dell, Lenovo or Samsung in terms of price, quality, brand, technology, distribution channels and range of products.

People are buying only the products that are great in quality and offer portability plus efficiency.


In addition to size, the United States is said to be a pluralistic society. So, the decline in their sales is bound to hit HP hard. The impact of the social factors is both direct and indirect for businesses. Every company is focusing on aggressive innovation. Moreover, they matter in terms of economic and cultural stability.

In addition to the presence of minority groups, the diversity in the country is also attributable to open trade and influx of immigrant workers. This was a major blow for the technology giant.

Pest Analysis On Hewlett-Packard (HP)

HP had already acquired the iPaq line of smartphones in when it bought Compaq Computer although there had been a decline in profits. However, there are several forces in the industry that affect the business of PC brands like HP.

The rise of immigrant workers suggests the growing working sector of the country, which increases the need for computers and technology. However, that does not mean that the world has been past its economic troubles.

IT industry changes rapidly and the products and services become obsolete. HP is actually under the industrial machinery sector where computer as well as engines and other equipment are produced. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors and opportunities and threats external.

Ohio and Kansas on the other hand offer wages below the minimum, while six other states do not apply any state laws Wikipedia, This merger meant a lot of people lost their jobs. Litigations are inherently unpredictable and so are the costs related to compliance.

They have to make sure that the acquisition is suitable, feasible or acceptable. For instance when HP acquired Compaq, there were job losses so its vital for management to take this into consideration.

There are other political factors too like the unfair targeting of US businesses in Europe. In addition, report also indicated that a considerable percentage of young Americans fail to graduate Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia, Hewlett-Packard has corporate spin off as Agilent Technologies with its measuring bio-analytical and electronic components, in HEWLETT-PACKARD FOUNDERS DAVID PACKARD WILLIAM REDINGTON HEWLETT Pestle of HP 1.

HEWLETT-PACKARD FOUNDERS DAVID PACKARD WILLIAM REDINGTON HEWLETT HP SWOT analysis by Strategic Management Insight. Some of the most recognized names in the PC industry are Dell, Apple, Lenovo, HP and ASUS. Apple, ASUS and Lenovo faced a decline with growth falling.

Appleā€™s Mac PCs and laptops lost a % market share to their competitors. Business Analysis - Hewlett-Packard Business Evaluation - Hewlett-Packard Whenever the brand name Hewlett-Packard (HP) is brought up, I think of garage innovation.

It has been the entrepreneurial symbol of the firm from its birth. This is a SWOT analysis of Hewlett Packard (HPE) which has been divided into two sub divisions HP and HPE. Read more about its strengths. This is a Pestel/Pestle analysis of HP (Hewlett Packard) highlighting how the various factors in its business environment affect its business.

Hewlett-Packard Company is the leading company, which is busy in carrying out different activities like provision of hardware products and equipments to its users. The company has changed its products with the change in technology and made their products more sophisticated and unique, which can help to buy more and more products for their clients.

Pest analysis of hewlett packard
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