Ofwat business planning consultation

Defra set out its plans for long-term reform of the abstraction system in the Water White Paper. Shortly after I took that shot a hundred head of cattle and horses came galloping through the knee deep water like some misplaced scene from the Carmargue.

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Self interest and hedonism seems to be the order of the day for many areas of our society. Also as a part of this natural regime we would have seen beavers creating their dams and pools, further increasing the available habitat for our fish.

Our next business plan (2020-2025)

Brilliant looking fish Brian, well fished. That very fact alone was probablby sufficient for the ofwat business planning consultation deer and duck population to up sticks and head for our place to avoid the disturbance.

Pollen rich plants that have yet to flower are turning brown and shrivelling amidst the brittle grass.

2010 to 2015 government policy: water industry

So just be careful when the excitement of the battle and the rush to return the fish is happening thats not a video one wishes to see on You Tube! Should water storage become a requirement if water thirsty crops are to be grown?

The marsh remains flooded and full of birdlife, pleasingly including several juvenile Lapwing enjoying the rich feeding in the shallow mud. Concessionary schemes for surface water drainage charges We have issued guidance to water and sewerage companies on concessionary schemes for community groups.

This is to protect them from unaffordable surface water drainage charges. Our business plan set out how we expect to perform against nine long-term promises that we developed in consultation with customers.

The high water in the river has flooded large areas of shallow margins, making a perfect habitat for the hatching coarse fish fry. At the current time I have little option but to continue to fish.

These are regulated by Ofwatto ensure that consumers receive high standards of service at a fair price. I just need to catch the attention of the salmon rods with a couple of reminders.

If you look closely the remnants of the veins can just be picked up with the odd filament of black still crossing the tattered fringe. Overflows have become increasingly common and now occur on average 50 times a year.

Ofwat’s Methodology Statement – Highlights and Initial Reactions

Where does society place the protection of its life giving rivers. The righthand shot is syndicate member Dominic Longley showing off a grayling to Simon as he passed by in search of a salmon.

Its a long time since I have seen so many eels in the river, hopefully pointing to a recovery of their numbers. It seems honey bees work the ivy to the exclusion of everything else, its the bumble bees and the butterflies on the garden flowers.

Current policies can be found at the GOV. These were attended by over people. Also present were Redshank, displaying Garganey, Black-tailed Godwit, Oystercatcher, Mallard, Teal and our ever present swans and geese.The consultation document (SPS - draft for consultation) can be downloaded using the link below.

What Happens Next We will consider the consultation responses and publish a finalised Strategic Policy Statement to Ofwat later in The Thames Tideway Tunnel is an under-construction 25 km (16 mi) tunnel running mostly under the tidal section of the River Thames through central London, which will provide capture, storage and conveyance of almost all the combined raw sewage and rainwater discharges that currently overflow into the river.

Bazalgette Tunnel Limited (BTL) is the licensed 'Infrastructure Provider' set up to. Developer (New Connection) Charges Consultation - 24 February (pdf, MB).

This consultation document sets out our proposals for new developer charging arrangements as a result of the recent charging rules published by Ofwat which are due to come into effect from April Ofwat has published its long-awaited PR14 methodology and business planning statement setting out how it intends to set price limits for the period including guidance for companies on how to structure their business plans which are due on 2 December.

fwat has published its long-awaited PR14 methodology and business planning statement setting out how it intends to set price limits for the period including guidance for companies on how to Economic and Financial Consulting Ofwat’s methodology statement.

Planning for the future

With Ofwat’s methodology consultation due to be issued, you will need to understand what resilience means to you, the customers you serve and to the regulator.

Ofwat business planning consultation
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