Equality and diversity in the youth

There will, usually, be one-to-one supervision either face-to-face, through Skype or by telephone or online. Faculty of Education and Communities: You will occasionally be required to work evenings or weekends to engage in community activities.

Women make up the majority of part-time workers. What do equality and diversity have to do with learning? Although it is not primarily a vocational programme, it prepares students to move in a vocational direction.

What does inclusion look like in a youth program? Equality is not always about treating everyone the same — it is about treating people in such a way that the outcome for each person can be the same.

MA Equity and Diversity in Society

In addition, there are two programs within the organization. Equality and diversity This chapter is about encouraging equality of opportunity and respect for diversity, and preventing unlawful discrimination, in your relationship with your and others.

The trainers from across 5 countries bring their professional expertise, their lived experiences and journeys through discrimination and othering together to deliver relevant and practical training.

Promoting equality of opportunity, across all its activities. Master's Benchmark Statement for Business and Management, This module will make reference to how individual, societal and political attitudes and values influence equality and diversity in practice. How can we best help you?

Staff and volunteers need the knowledge, skills, and confidence to deliver inclusive youth work. It recognises the varied contributions made by individuals from diverse backgrounds and wide ranging experiences.

As a union learning rep ULRyou will already know about barriers to learning and about how a lack of skills or qualifications can make you feel less confident and de-motivated. Your role in embedding these values will vary depending on your role. It has always filled me with a great sense of pride to work for an organisation which really does welcome all.

Policy Review This policy will be reviewed annually or earlier should it become necessary by the Senior management. All staff and students should have equal access to opportunities for personal, professional or academic training and development, career progression and promotion opportunities.

The requirements apply in relation to age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation. Through exploring the data collection methods within the social sciences students will be able to explore some of the practical, theoretical and ethical issues which surround research in this field of study.

It requires everyone to play a full part. Women in Neuroscience WIN is an international organization that is dedicated to developing and advancing careers of women in neuroscience.

These training tools help us become aware of unconscious prejudices each of us holds and allow us to become accountability partners for the youth we serve and within our organizations.

They can also encourage discussion about equality and diversity to make sure that everyone can have a say. Eliminating unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation. It promotes an inclusive and supportive environment for staff, students and visitors.THE INTERNATIONAL CHILD AND YOUTH CARE NETWORK (CYC-Net) Registered Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation in the Republic of South Africa (NPO, PBO ).

Equality and diversity officer

– a Diversity Toolkit for the Youth Work Sector [ published by NYCI and Youthnet 1 A definition and deeper understanding of equality and inclusion Equality is the notion that everybody is of equal value and deserves equal respect, dignity and opportunity. It is based on four key objectives: 1.

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Social Impact. We are committed to respecting human rights, diversity, gender equality, health and safety at work, and to giving back to the.

Equality and diversity

North Carolina LGBT Organizations. Don’t see your favorite state and national LGBT organization? Suggest a link via e-mail at [email protected] Advocacy & Political. Access to Gender Recognition for Young Transgender and Non-Binary People. College of Technology Leading Equality and Diversity Unit: DCMI – Level -6 PREPARED BY: Wajiha Ghani STUDENT ID: SUBMITTED ON: 09/06/ Introduction: Equality and diversity is a term used to define and elaborate equality, diversity .

Equality and diversity in the youth
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